The Collected Letters, Volume 25


TC TO JANE WELSH CARLYLE ; 16 September 1850; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18500916-TC-JWC-01; CL 25: 218


Scotsbrig, 16 Septr, 1850—

My Dear, here is another word for you; no day are you free of me! From you I got nothing today; nor could get anything; yet it was a kind of disappointt when little Jenny came in as usual about Noon, with her “Naething by the Post, Uncle!”— Pray Heaven there be nothing the matter with you;—I cannot quite get that “influenza” out of my head. But surely we shall hear tomorrow.

The message at present concerns buttons. Tom Garthwaite is busy with my clothes, over at Ecclefechan: in regard to waistcoat buttons, it is as my prophetic soul forecast;—miserable square black buttons exactly the same as those you censured on the waistcoat I already have. Hateful to Goody and to the enemies of Goody (if she have any): be the thot of them far from me! Tom Garthwaite is to sew no waistct button till you send him some. Mark, therefore, O mark!— There are two waistcoats (or rather there are to be, for one is not come yet till Wedy first): of neither have I specimen snips; but they are of the dark grey cord and of the brown grey do, familiar to you from of old,—very well known to Goody's eye, I dare say: black is the colour of the one kind of buttons; be not too drabbish with the colour of the other (for perhaps the cloth will prove a shade lighter than the last we had): finally the number of buttons for each vest is nine (and if you send 18 of black, I can have the already extant waistcoat altered);—and if the things are here on Wednesday, they will be in abundant time. Not a word more, Dearest, except Good night.— — Jack is just returned for good; a new era here, I suppose. Yours ever / T. Carlyle