The Collected Letters, Volume 26


JWC TO HENRY INGLIS; 13 August 1851; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18510813-JWC-HI-01; CL 26: 128


The Priory / Great Malvern Wednesday [13 August 1851]

God bless me!—only the Dead return not!—I could hardly believe my eyes at the signature Henry Inglis—his handwriting have long passed to the greater number—of things forgotten! But what a provocation, to receive at Malvern a note proposing to visit us at Chelsea!

We have been here 12 days taking the Watercure—that is; Mr C taking it, and I looking on— According to programme, we remain here till the end of the month, and then rove about for a few weeks longer before settling down for the winter at Cheyne Row— If your notion to come and see us be not a mere momentary whim, you will carry it out next time you come to London—and you often come, do you not?

But in the name of Œdipus1 what I have I to do with the year 1787? I assure you I was not born then. I have puzzled over the first paragraph of your note till my brain is all in a maze— whatamulet’ do you mean? if you had demanded anything in the name of the cigar which you broke over my blessed Harry's nose2—in christening him with your own name I should have understood at once—

Ever truly yours /

Jane Carlyle