The Collected Letters, Volume 26


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE; 24 August 1851; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18510824-TC-JAC-01; CL 26: 139


Malvern, 24 Augt, 1851—

My dear Brother,

You did quite right, in all respects, in regard to that affair of the American Sheets; and I am much obliged by your punctuality and promptitude in doing it for me, and putting it clear off our hands, as I hope it will now prove to be. I did not write, because your course was already altogether good, and I am, more especially while here (at my ricketty table &c), glad of a dispensation from writing. Nothing of Howe,1 still less of the Copyright2 or other such rubbish will at all need to be forwarded hither. We got your Letter this morning; on Saturday (yesterday) I wrote to my Mother at Scotsbrig, enclosing your last Letter to me; I fancy she may be at Scotsbrig this day, perhaps reading the news from us even now. I shd have written to Emerson today, but got into the Leader &c, and being dreadfully lazy have put off that business till tomorrow.

My Water-Cure has now got into its last week; and the result of it, I think, so far as water is concerned, will be very trifling. I am packed every morning then elaborately slaistered in water for 5 minutes and elaborately dried; 2 sit-baths follow daily; and I conform easily to the diet and hours: all this seems to be in a degree insignificant for me;—but the immense quantity of regular exercise (following each water appliance) which I have all along taken, as well as a good deal of excellt water which I have daily of my own accord drunk, all this has certainly done me good, and if I were at Scotsbrig again to have some command of my diet, and to get 3 or even one good sleep, I expect to feel myself perceptibly better, and to know the Water-Cure in time coming. Hitherto I have not had one night's sleep; nor do I now expect such a thing here: my weak misery is accordingly rather worse than it was, and I have still from time to time to take half a pill: nevertheless