The Collected Letters, Volume 27


CHRONOLOGY; 1999; DOI: 10.1215/ed-27-chronology; CL 27: firstpage-27-xxv-lastpage-27-xxvii


1852 January. TC and JWC return from the Grange (2). JWC soon catches cold and treats it with morphine. TC discusses Clough's difficulties in a letter to Lady Ashburton (10). He sends new year's gifts to his mother and family (16), and continues to write to Dr. John Carlyle about re-letting Craigenputtoch.

February. TC collects German maps and books. He writes at length about the aims of the Poor Law Association (5). A new tenant is chosen for Craigenputtoch (9). JWC shops with Miss Farrer, visits friends, keeps in touch with the Ashburtons and Lady Sandwich, is called on by the Countess Reichenbach (10), and goes with Clough to hear Mazzini lecture (11). TC sometimes uses Anthony Sterling's “swift racer” for exercise; he complains of “the idle fallow state of my intellect” (12), and the burden of letter writing; and he rejects the Revue des Deux Mondes' request for a daguerreotype and autobiographical notes. He tries to help his nephew James find employment (14). He tells Lady Ashburton that he still cannot decide whether to write about Frederick (16), but goes on buying books on German history. The Carlyles dine with Edward Ellice and meet Thiers (20). The new conservative administration comes in.

March. In thanking Neuberg for maps and asking for more books and information TC returns for almost the first time to the idea of a visit to Germany (1). The Carlyles go with G. H. Lewes to see one of his plays (5). TC acknowledges Browning's study of Shelley, and reads Emerson's memoirs of Margaret Fuller (8). Their servant Anne falls ill and substitutes need to be found. TC refuses an invitation to Manchester from the Poor Law Association (13).

April. TC complains of lumbago. The household is still upset by Anne's illness. He dines at Bath House (6), and at the Milneses' (7), where he meets Lord Palmerston. Lord Ashburton offers TC money for a benevolent purpose. TC rides regularly, visits Addiscombe, and continues collecting maps and books on Germany. Anne returns (20). John Cochrane's illness involves TC in searching for a new Librarian for the London Library.

May. Though suffering from flu, TC supports John Chapman in his campaign for “free trade” in books. Cochrane dies (4). TC sends Chorley's fair copy of Cromwell MSS to John Forster. He refuses to attend a meeting about “industrial literature” organised by the Society of Arts, but leads a rousing campaign against Gladstone's attempt to foist his Neapolitan protégé, James Lacaita, on the London Library in place of Cochrane. TC tells Emerson that he has secured some of Margaret Fuller's confidential papers left with her friend Margaret Gillies, but that there are still difficulties in getting her to agree to part with them altogether (14). The Carlyles go to Addiscombe (19–25). JWC invites Kate Sterling, who is forbidden to accept by her uncle. JWC attends a grand Ball at Bath House (29). Neuberg still helps with German books; TC thinks it more likely that he will go to Germany; and they take up matters raised by Neuberg's translation of Heroes (31).

June. TC openly mentions to Varnhagen von Ense the “project” of visiting Germany with JWC, and asks for information and advice (6). W. B. Donne is appointed at the London Library (12). By the middle of the month TC reports that he is now working hard. He meets the Duke of Holstein-Augustenberg at Bath House (18), sees Goethe's Faust performed in German at the St. James's Theatre (22), and tells Emerson that he can now send Margaret Fuller's papers.

July. Major changes at 5 Cheyne Row begin after a 31-year lease is signed (4). The builders begin in the drawing room (5), and TC moves upstairs to work in the middle of a London heat wave. The Carlyles call on the Twisletons to see Cromwell portraits (8), but though JWC is offered holidays at Addiscombe or Homberg she wishes to stay at home to supervise the alterations. Heroes is published (10). TC grows restless; Germany is postponed on Varnhagen von Ense's advice till August or later, so he invites himself to stay at Thomas Erskine's at Linlathen (12). JWC acquires a cat, practices German with a friend, and sits for a portrait by Penelope Sketchley. She has been involved in a bitter dispute between Sarah Newton and Frank Jewsbury. TC leaves for Scotland by steamship (21), arriving at Linlathen (23); he visits St. Andrews (29), and local towns. At home JWC receives visitors, including Clough, Reichenbach, and Mazzini, continues to engage temporary maids, and cope with builders. She briefly visits Sherborne to see the dying Catherine Macready (27–30).

August. TC visits Arbroath (5), Kirkcaldy (6), and Scotsbrig (7). After deciding that he and JWC should go to Germany together, JWC declines. She sees John Welsh's balloon ascents from Vauxhall (17 and 26), and dines with Mrs. William Fraser (22). TC visits members of the family at the Gill and Dumfries, and writes to Neuberg proposing his visit (17). He demands a validated passport before leaving from Leith (31).

September. From Rotterdam TC goes up the Rhine to Düsseldorf and Bonn (3), where he visits libraries; he makes excursions to Rolandseck and Honnef and meets Arndt at Bonn before leaving (10) for Frankfurt and Mainz (13), Eisenach, Kassel, Weimar (19), Leipzig, Dresden (22), and Berlin (30). Neuberg is indispensable, but TC suffers from sleeplessness and nervous indigestion. He is occupied with art galleries and libraries, though visits widely and tries to visualize Frederick's campaigns and locate portraits. Meanwhile JWC battles with builders and decorators, with a break at Addiscombe (4–6). She hears of Dr. John Carlyle's engagement (7). She takes the MS of Jewsbury's latest novel to a publisher (10). In spite of builders, JWC entertains Herzen with Saffi, Reichenbach, Brookfield, and Erasmus Darwin (11). Wellington dies (14); Catherine Macready dies (18). JWC, exhausted, takes overnight lodgings to escape bugs and the smell of paint.

October. TC recommends David Masson for a chair at University College, London (1). Burglars attack Cheyne Row while JWC is asleep in lodgings (6). After a busy social round in Berlin, TC leaves for home (9), reaching Ostend and London (12), where the builders have not finished, and so the Carlyles leave for the Grange (15). TC recuperates, while JWC worries about the house, where the painters finish at last (23), and she returns to deal with cleaning (29).

November. After the visit to the Grange TC rejoins JWC. John Carlyle is married in Moffat (2). He takes TC to meet his wife at the railway station on their way through London (5). More books come from Germany, but TC is deeply depressed though tries to settle. Wellington lies in state at the Royal Chelsea Hospital, and the Carlyles watch his funeral procession from Bath House (18). John M'Diarmid dies at Dumfries (18).

December. TC has rheumatism, Neuberg is back, Disraeli's budget is defeated, and the Derby administration falls (17). Rebuilding at 5 Cheyne Row seems finished. Neuberg settles in London, partly to be near the Carlyles. TC arranges for prints from Germany for Lady Ashburton (21). On Christmas day, Brookfield and John Welsh dine with the Carlyles; and, next day, Neuberg is given a copy of the new fourth edition of Heroes. TC says he still does not know whether to write Frederick's life and tells his mother of his relief at six weeks' relative silence and “perfect seclusion of mind” since his return home (31).