The Collected Letters, Volume 27


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 3 March 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18520303-TC-JAC-01; CL 27: 58-59


Chelsea, 3 March, 1852—

My dear Brother,

If you are to go on Friday, there is not a moment for me to lose!— I am sorry my pen is so bad; which is a great aggravation to my other drawbacks, hastes and confusions.

We are going on here in the old way; the weather (as is natural) getting daily better, tho' still very cold. Yesterday I signed, with Jane, two Stamped Papers, copies of a kind of Lease whh Adamson sent me: that, I suppose, is the winding-up of the 'Puttoch business. We got your Note from Moffat; it is our only news from Annandale. Jane is much alarmed abt poor Cousin Helen, also abt her uncle: for Helen she agrees with me in recommending Malvern as the best medical outlook; but it seems there can be nothing done in it at present,—nothing till the Liverpool Doctors have shot their bolt; which probably will yield small benefit, I think. If poor Helen have, as seems to be agreed upon, such an internal malady, one wd fancy there cd no reasonable hope of curing it exist except in general regimen, by which alone she seems to have benefited hitherto? But for the present there can no more be said, from this quarter.— —

I have been twice at the Museum looking out for Friedrich Books,—that I might examine them a little, and see whether they were worth buying. In that horrible shop I of course wish to read as little as can be made to serve. Watts attended me as before; obliging, skilful, ugly and ardent as ever: his stock he flattered himself was much better than I found it on that head; but we shall get something out of it too.— — I have got a rather curious new German Book upon Naples and Masaniello (chiefly) whh often made me remember you.1 To one who knows the streets edifices &c the thing may be readabler: I mean to send it you to Scotsbg the day after tomorrow, along with my Mother's Magazine.

Poor Tom Holcroft appears to have returned from India, and to have died here some 4 weeks ago! My first hint of it was from the Willis, which I send today, but from other sources too I find it is even he.2

Our new ministry, with the Pinchbeck Hebrew over the moneybags, and a Preserver of the Game for Saviour of our Colonies,3 is considered supremely contemptible, and not expected to last long. Meinetwegen [for all I care].— — Give my kindest regards to my old friend Gordon (good John!)—and write when you get home.— T.C.