The Collected Letters, Volume 27


TC TO J. G. COCHRANE ; 4 March 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18520304-TC-JGC-01; CL 27: 60-61


Chelsea, 4 March, 1852—

My dear Sir,

I told Williams and Norgate to send you a new Prussian Book (Memoirs of Marwitz, vol. I) in time for next Committee Meeting. Pray offer it to the Committee as a work of value on that subject of Prussian History: if they will not have it, I must buy it myself.

On the same terms, I will request you to order from Wms and Norgate (either for the Library or else for me), the following Books:

Fischer: Geschichte Friedrichs II (a pencil mark is agt it in your Bibliography);

Formey: Souvenirs d'un Citoyen (abt 1789, Berlin)

Denina: Essai sur la Vie de Fredk (do do)

Lavaux (but perhaps it may be anonymous?)

(t. o.)

Lavaux: Vie de Fredk II (6 or 7 of little post-octavos, as I gather, and published I think at Strasburg abt 1789).1

This last is often referred to by Zimmermann; and seems to contain many curious things, Letters from M. Catt (Friedrich's reader)2 &c &c. Formey (an old Berlin French Clergyman), he and the well-known Denina only occupy three little voll. together; and their contributions are of real merit and authenticity, as well as curiousness.

I want to know the price of Warnery also; I am afraid he is very dull, besides being dear and large!3 Zimmermann is capital:—I will bring up the volumes one of these days, perhaps tomorrow, that they may go to the Binder; and will take counsel with you about these points. Fischer, Formey, Denina are certain for me: if you get clear light about the Lavaux pray send for it also at once.

Yours always truly /

T. Carlyle