The Collected Letters, Volume 27


TC TO MARGARET A. CARLYLE ; 5 March 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18520305-TC-MAC-01; CL 27: 61-62


Chelsea, 5 March, 1852—

My dear Mother,—I think it is almost two weeks since I have written to Scotsbrig; but in the interim I believe there has been no day in which you were not often in my memory. How is my poor Mother, in the cold weather! This is a continual inquiry with me. Alas, I can do you no good at all; and would so gladly do you some!—

The Dr, if he have kept his word, will be on the return to you this very day: he was to leave Edinr “on Friday,” as he wrote;—I have had two bits of hurried words from him since he left Scotsbrig; in both of which he reports favourably of your condition of affairs: I hope he will, directly on his return, let me know more minutely how matters go.

We have had the fiercest weather for some time; poisonously cold, especially at night and morning when the Sun is sunk in his smoky London vapours: during the day he gets out for a few hours, and gives us bright promise of the advancing season; the skies have a look of spring; but as yet there is little sign of it on the fields and trees, and poor shivering human creatures all buckled up in shawls and wool wrappages! As I get into cold water every morning, and then directly after run out to walk, it is very disagreeable, upon the fingers especially. The dog Nero alone seems to enjoy his walk thro' the lanes, and runs barking about in the hope of catching a sparrow. He never catches one;—and brings me in mind of many other creatures, of myself among others, in that respect!— —Jane keeps well on her feet, in spite of the cold; I myself too am always fully better than usual, this year; and so our complaint of the weather should not be a very deep one, after all. I am still busy [. … ]1

-so how Isabella is? I sent a Parcel of Books yesterday; the main weight of them for John. I fear the Magazine is worth nothing: what reading have you?— My blessings on you dear Mother. Farewell for today.

Yours affectione

T. C.