The Collected Letters, Volume 27


TC TO LADY ASHBURTON ; 6 September 1852; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18520906-TC-LA-01; CL 27: 269-270


Bonn, 6 Septr, 1852—

Dear Lady,—Your Letter lay waiting me here, a thousand thanks for such a kindness: it was the only English word I had heard since quitting England, and wd have been welcome, had it come from a far inferior hand. The Berlin Empfehlungschreiben [letter of introduction] shall do me good service in its season, I hope;—of which you shall duly hear.

I meant to write to you deliberately yesterday; but literally couldn't: so sickly hurried and indeed half-distracted was I,—on the road to Rolandseck, on the road to I know not where: ah me, at Rolandseck I got little except the view of the Drachenfels and much disgust superadded: but to write to my Lady there was no time. Nor today have I above twelve counted minutes: but these I use rather than wait longer.—

I have been, and still am, as you predicted, dreadfully off for sleep; otherwise well, and the country and River pleasant to me, and the people all good. But for the rest——!

Our next place of repose I judge is likeliest to be Homburg where you were. “Frankfurt a. Mayn Poste restante”; that is the address for an 8 days hence, if you will be good to me. After that, “Dresden do,”—but I do not know how soon or long that will be. Frankft for the present, if the royal mind will please.—Yesterday we went to look for “quiet lodgings” at Rolandseck,—found vile tea-garden work instead, and shrieked at the idea. Today we got to “Honef,”1 foot of the Drachenfels Hills, other side of the River, on the same errand; but there too I expect little: Homburg seems the likeliest place; there to stop about a week. Pity me, O pity me, in the kindest place of your heart.

Jane was to be with you yesterday at Addiscombe: ach Gott, I often enough thought of all that here—in company of Bromwicham Dawson in the evening (the Baroness Beck Dawson),2 whom the Police have just packed out of Dresden, as you will hear in the newspapers he says. Him I hope to get rid of soon. To you, if I live, I will write quietly before long. Meanwhile Adieu, and remember Ft3 a.m. Yours

T. C.