The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO CHAPMAN & HALL ; 23 January 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530123-TC-CAH-01; CL 28: 18


Chelsea, 23 jany, 1853—

Thanks to Mr Warren for his great diligence and zeal! He has succeeded, on the whole, much better than I expected.— I will take the following, and be glad of them:

1. La Saxe Galante, 18mo (1735) 3/

Dulau & Co

2. Mémoire du Baron de Pöllnitz (1745) 5 voll. 12mo 5/

J. Robinson

3. (Mirabeau) Histoire Secrète de la cour de Berlin

1 vol (1821) 6/

Barthes & Lowell

(I could like a sight of the English one (4/ Brumby), but don't think I shall buy it. Sight for one day, if convenient; but if not, not, for it is no great matter)

4. Frederician Code, 2 voll. 8o cf (1761) 3/

J. Robinson

Vehse (Books and man) I have seen, and they are worth nothing to me. Of the others, the

“History of Frederick the Great 2 voll 1/2 cf. (1805) 5/


is the only one I do not quite know; and this I should like to see for a few hours, without engaging to buy it.1 That will be possible, I suppose?—

With many thanks, and still recommending despatch;

T. Carlyle