The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 1 March 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530301-TC-JN-01; CL 28: 57


London Library 1 March / 1853—

Dear Neuberg,

The inclosed Letter from Bonn, indicating that the Prints had been despatched “by Post”; arrived two or three days ago by that conveyance: but of the Prints, either by Post or in any other manner, there is yet no trace at Bath House, where I have just been.

The notion of conveyance by Post for a Parcel of such bulk wd appear very natural to Weber, who perhaps consulted the Bonn Officials withal on the subject: but to us, with our English experiences, it looks rather ominous. What such a Packet would cost, if, conveyed by Post in this country, it ever did arrive;—and practically what has become of the Weber Packet since its reaching the Prussian frontier: that is a question! I hope you understand more about such matters than I do; but to me the business looks very confused indeed as it now stands.

Please return me the Weber Note, for I have to return it;—and on the whole I think you ought to write immediately to Weber, unless you can see some hopefuller chance involved in this Post speculation than I can.

I am in extreme hurry; and have run into the Ln Library to write this line, that no time be lost.

Somehow or other it seems not likely the Print-Parcel can be quite confiscated, and lost forever to the parties interested! It is only embargoed somewhere. But Weber ought to be instantly warned.

Yours ever truly /

T. Carlyle