The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 16 March 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530316-TC-JN-01; CL 28: 81-82


Chelsea, 16 March 1853

Dear Neuberg,

I believe the Weber Prints are now pretty well settled;—the 11 returned Prints were to be sent off franco [postage free] yesterday from 34. Regent Street; and the Lady (who would take no help in the business) had, some days before, written off to Weber, announcing that those said 11 were on the way back to him; and that for the accepted 21 her Ladyship's computation was so many £ S. D.—which, so soon as M. Weber answered that it was right and that the 11 had arrived,—should be sent him in the way indicated. I hope it is now all right!— If however the Bath House servant have forgotten to frank the Prints (which a Print-seller in the Haymarket was appointed to pack properly), you can let M. Weber understand that such mistake was accidental only, and that he can add the sum to the money otherwise to be paid him.— The Prints seemed to me very good in general, excellent some of them, and very cheap for most part;—M. Weber's procedure, for the rest, gave, as it could not but do, perfect satisfaction. He ought straightway to learn some right mode of conveyance to England (the “Post” is clearly not it!); he might then find a good deal of business in England.

On the opposite leaf, I have marked three other Prints which Lady A. wants; and which I said Weber was the properest person to seek. Nos 1 & 3 are the most wanted; No 2 I have added meo periculo [at my peril] this morning, and will be good for it when it comes. Let there be no Duplicates sent: Let M. Weber himself do his best at Bonn, and that shall suffice.— —

I want the name and Book-title of that magnanim1 German admirer of Cromwell, whom Profr Abel speaks of:—in fact, my neighbour Chorley wants it. At your convenience, both this, and the new trio of Prints; not sooner.

You did not come on Sunday Evg; but I design to have a pilgrimage to Hampstead myself before long. Yours ever T. Carlyle

Three Prints (wanted)

1. “Fredericus Magnus Rex Borussiac; Georg Friedrich Schmidt sculptor regius sculpsit: Berolini, 1746.” This Engraving of the Picture by Antoine Pesne is recommended as the “bei weitem schönste und wahrste Bild von Friedrich,” by PREUSS (Lebensgeschichte, I.77 n.).2— — There seems to be another Engraving of the same Picture (ibid.) by “Joh. Georg Wille”:3—as this latter is in folio, and the former dimly appears to be in 8vo, it may be a question which, is the preferable Print for a portfolio? M. Weber can decide this; and let him send only one (to avoid trouble), the intrinsically best according to his judgement.

2. Anton Graff's Portrait of Fredk, “engraved by Bause at Leipzig, 1788”4 (Preuss, Lebensgeschichte, IV. 314n): if this be the Graff's Picture that is in Schickler's house at Berlin, it must be well worth having. Let M. Weber send it too (t. o.)

3. Look again in Preuss, IV. 241. “The famed Engraver Johann Friedrich Clemens came, in 1787, to Berlin;” and there engraved for Print-dealer Pascal, “the large Plate after Joseph Cunningham's Picture,” Fk the Great's Last Review.— This is especially wanted, if Preuss's account of it be at all correct.— — (No doubt it was “Cunningham's study” for this Picture which Rauch shewed us at Berlin as the best Head of Fk he could ever get, and the one he had chiefly copied from in his Statue of Fk now under the Linden. About Cunningham at all, or about the Picture, except this study of a head “from some picture,” Rauch seemed to know nothing.— The poor wandering dissolute Cunningham (son of a Scotch Jacobite) whom they call “Joseph” in Germany, is named “Francis Edmund” here (died at London, about 1793), and only Print-dealers still faintly know him.)5

To send these Three Engravings, “Bath House, London,”—and not to employ the English Post in conveying them.