The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO MARGARET A. CARLYLE ; 6 September 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18530906-TC-MAC-01; CL 28: 260-261


Chelsea, 6 Septr, 1853—

My dear Mother,

We got Mary's Letter yesterday morning, and today John's has come; both of which we have reason to be thankful for. You are not worse than you were, dear Mother; and you are very calm and clear in mind,—as you have been in all circumstances! Let us trust in One Higher; by whom all things are ordered, not otherwise than well! We have cause to do so.

Here is a little Note which will give you pleasure. Mrs Glen's case is at last settled; they have given her a Pension of £50; which is just about the sum that I expected at the very best: as she has already £30 a year purchased by her Husband, this will make £80 in all, which will be a quite suitable sum for her. I am really glad the matter is so settled; for I have had a good deal of bother about it, and so many things go cross with one, I should have liked ill this too had quite failed. It is almost the only little victory I have gained this long while. Mrs Glen, it will appear, attributes the result a good deal to the pains I took; in which I will neither contradict nor confirm her. If the fact be of any real worth to me at all, it is chiefly or only because my good old Mother will have a moment's satisfaction in thinking I helped in such a result.

John is perhaps still with you when this arrives? I had sent him a little Note which wd arrive in Edinr on Saturday night; but the wretched Pharisees of that City forebade it to be delivered (as I gather) till Monday after he was gone,—less power to them! We have cool weather here, after much blustery rain; wind N.W. and a bright sun, by which I hope Jamie is profiting. Our builders advance as swiftly as can be expected, and with not more than the necessary tumult. This morning in spite of their hammering overhead, I fell sound asleep after they arrived.— Remind Jean of her duty to write. We send you our love, dear Mother, as ever yours

T. Carlyle