The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO C. H. COOPER ; 30 October 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18531030-TC-CHC-01; CL 28: 301-302


5. Cheyne Row, Chelsea, 30 octr 1853—

Dear Sir,

I saw, last week, at Puttick the Auctioneer's in Piccadilly, a Cromwell Letter new to me;1 of which here inclosed is a Copy in Mr Puttick's hand,2 for your use if you will accept it. The Letter was since that, on Friday last, sold,—as you may see by the Note I have put upon this copy of it.

My chief reason for troubling you on this matter is also indicated on the Copy: a doubt concerning the “Dr Richard STAND” at Ely;—whom I guess rather to be HAND (a name already known to us at Ely, Letters and Speeches, 3d editn, iv, 409,3—and in some Mss. which I think you have): it is possible this “Doctor” may be a brother of that “Mr.,”—or perhaps even may be the same man more formally addressed?4 Elizabeth Cromwell, apparently his boarder, lived (according to Noble)5 till 1673 at Ely.

If there is anybody who, by his knowledge, diligence, opportunities, and obliging disposition, can elucidate this matter of HAND or STAND, and Oliver's elder Sister in her solitary maiden life amid the Fens,—then, judging by past experience, I think it is you. And so I will put the matter into your hand, to be remembered as your occasions permit,—for there is no hurry whatever about it; nor do I want the Copy returned, having already taken a Duplicate. If you can find out anything, please let me know by and by; if nothing, I shall conclude it is not easy to find out anything, and shall rest satisfied with that result too.

Believe me, Dear Sir,

Yours mindful of past favours /

T. Carlyle

C. H. Cooper Esq / &c &c