The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO JOHN FORSTER ; 30 November 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18531130-TC-JF-01; CL 28: 328-329


Chelsea, 30 Novr, 1853—

Dear Forster,

I have never got to any communication with Mrs Everett Green1 yet; and now, tho' I should like very well to hear her word, there is no hope of it, as we are in the bustle of getting out of Town.

As Forster is always good to me, and I think promised2 to question the Lady, himself, if I demanded,—here are some queries hastily thrown down on paper: and I really wish you wd seek an interview (if it need seeking), and get me the clearest deliverance you can from that fair Oracle. Will you? And report whether a visit to it, on my own part, might not be possible and profitable one day,—if there do dwell real light in it.

We go on Monday morning;—are at home, I believe, every evening till that: but after, if you put off till after, there will be no chance till Xmas be over. I am in no strait about these queries: but of course, we shd like to see you, both of us, before we go.

For the rest, beware of Xmas, dear Forster,—that is my last word to you; which I will speak too, [when]3 you come;—and in general, take care of yourself! And let us trust in Heaven these bad times will mend with all of us by and by!

Adieu dear Forster. Yours ever truly

T. Carlyle.

Mrs Greens answers (if any) can be written on the fly leaf, opposite the queries.4

The Lord Ashburton's / The Grange / Alresford / Hants

Address, after Monday.