The Collected Letters, Volume 28


TC TO DELIA BACON ; 10 December 1853; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18531210-TC-DB-01; CL 28: 337-338


THE GRANGE, ALRESFORD, HANTS, (The Lord Ashburton's), 10 December, 1853.

DEAR MISS BACON,—We are here since Monday, on a visit, and are not to be in Chelsea again till Christmas pass.

Some days before leaving, I received from Parker a Parcel, with which his man appeared to have tried first at your old Chelsea lodging;1 my address had then been put upon the cover; it contained your MS. and an open letter to Miss Bacon, full of the due civility, admiring, regretting, &c., and in fine returning the offered Paper. As you say, he might have decided sooner! I found that the smallest urging on my part would have made him insert the Piece; but this you had prohibited; nor do I know that it was any way desirable; at any rate, here now is his decision, and with him we have done. Not knowing your new address, I locked the Parcel into a safe place; and there, were Christmas over, it will lie awaiting your convenience, and can be sent at any time.

I am sorry to hear from my wife of your headaches and distresses in that solitary place; I hope you will appear again some morning soon after our return, and shew Chelsea that those were but temporary clouds.2 Pray be not so shy of us! We cannot much help you, indeed; but there is no want of will, were a possibility offered.

Believe me always, / Yours sincerely,