1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


JWC TO KATE STERLING; 12 March 1854; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18540300-JWC-KS-01; CL 29: 45-46


[mid-March 1854]

Dearest Kate

Mr C met your Uncle1 yesterday in the Street and was told by him he was actually going off next week—“as Brigade Major under General Sir Colin Campbell”— Moreover he, the Capt, said he did not expect any fighting—that he expected merely they should be all sent to—(I forget the name of the place) which was a horrid unhealthy quarter “where they should all die of dysentery”— Curious how he cannot do even a right thing in a rational way—getting into active service has always looked to me the one possible salvation for him—but going off with no other prospect but to “die of dysentery” is what nobody but himself I think would volunteer to do— And poor Lotta2 to be left in charge of the mad woman3— It is all dreadful really! and makes me quite sick— And Hedley4—is it let? or is Edward5 to have that millstone always about his neck?— I do wish much to see you dear—and Julia6 so be sure you come the very first opportunity. Of course you will come up to take leave of the Capt—my only comfort in looking at the matter is that he is going with a man like Sir C Campbell who is bound in affection to all the family and has sense as well as courage—

The Capt was here the other day!! Having called in the assistance of the neighbourhood to bring about a reconciliation between us, the neighbourhood never rested till it had achieved that much— But in bringing us together in one room it could not undo the past—could not bring our hearts together— He came and I received him—voila tout [that's all]—we were as much estranged after the visit as before it— Why he wished to come I cannot imagine for his manner was as disagreeable as if he had been brought there by force— But I will tell you the particulars when you come— I have got a shocking bad cold and am stupid as an owl and seeing every thing thro a sort of moral London fog— A kiss to Julia / God bless you / Your affectionate / Jane W Carlyle