1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO LADY ASHBURTON; 10 June 1854; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18540610-TC-LA-01; CL 29: 114-115


London, 10 june / 1854—

Nobody at Bath House, when a poor soul calls today,—nobody since yesterday; nor till one knows not when (Monday, let us hope!):1—Lord Ashburton, not better or worse, that the Door-servant knows. Ay de mi; I am not “a happy man,”—especially not today, with the weight of yesternight still lying on me!2— However, I still hope you are getting some good of the Country, in the fine weather that has come,—perhaps seeing the Crystal Palace (your Ladyship at least), and prepared to return to your friends on monday at latest. And so it must rest. Let us not take the name of God in vain!—

I wrote to Edinburgh, that same night, a long minute letter, about your Highland Parson,3—describing him as well as I could by conjecture: not to be a fanatic, and yet by no means a lightgoing charlatan in such an office (for he would be at once detected for what he was, I said, and treated accordingly): perfectly loyal of character; with intelligence to the maximum procurable; in fine, above and beyond all things, mother-wit and mother-worth (if you understand these Scotch terms) were described as the grand endowments that wd be serviceable to him. I spoke of the poor, too, and of what you might want in that respect.— My correspondent is an extremely honest sober-minded and rather intelligent Mr Gordon, whom I have known for a very long time: not himself a Clergyman, but working officially in the heart of Church Affairs these 30 years,—at present Chief School-Inspector, or something of that kind.4 In the course of next week, I expect to have some answer; which naturally his Lordship and you shall see at once.

Mrs M.'s Party last night, which ended in a famed Pianist young lady5 (loud as six blacksmiths occasionally, and altogether meaningless to me at all times) was not celestial—ach Gott!— My Brother & his Wife are come to town, yesternight.— I really hope you will perhaps take to dining at 5 o'clock,—at least 2 days in the week;—I do indeed.— — Blessings evermore upon you. / T.C.