1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


JWC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG; 14 June 1854; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18540614-JWC-JN-01; CL 29: 115


Wednesday [14 June 1854]

My dear Mr Neuberg

I kept it in my hands some five minutes unopened, and pinched it, and guessed about it, and finally decided it was worsted stockings!!— Upon my honour I never can understand why you are so good to me!— Do you understand it yourself? Sometimes I think it is because I am “Mr Carlyles wife”—and then I feel tempted to gather together all the things you have given me and fling them at your head. I am so dreadfully tired of being ‘made of’ on that principle! Sometimes I explain it on the ground of your immense abstract benevolence! and that solution don't please me either—Never mind—you will consider the question at your leisure and tell me at our next tete a tete as now we have no longer the lottery ticket (thank God) to discuss in secret What a pen!—besides my fingers are shaking—there has just been “a solution of continuity” in the Life of Nero,—three boys picked him up when he was out with Mr C before breakfast—and the Postman has been seeking him all the while he should have been delivering his letters! He is found however and has lost me only “a pot of beer” to two different “parties” on this occasion Oh dont speak of dinner!— Let us do something in the forenoon—in the open air—not dine hotly in a party— John and his Wife would also like the forenoon best—and curds and cream or some such refection

Yours affectionately /

Jane Carlyle