1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG; 7 August 1854; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18540807-TC-JN-01; CL 29: 138-139


Chelsea, 7 Augt, 1854—

Dear Neuberg,—Will you come and dine with us tomorrow (Tuesday); nobody to be here; the hour “5 ½ for 6.” We will expect you if we hear nothing.

The Quintus Ilicius of the Conversns Lexicon would do extremely well (and I fancied actually we had got hold of the solution at last)—only unhappily there is no such name as either Ilicius or Icilius to be found in the Index of Polybius either Greek or French; and, what is bad too, it cannot have been about the Battle of Pharsalia the two moderns were talking (which Nicolai reports it to have been, Nicolai an exact man who heard it from Guichard himself),—nor of Pharsalia; Polybius being dead and gone before that happened. To our Librarian1 moreover, who is a bit of a scholar, it seems doubtful whether Ilicius was a roman name at all.— So that, on the whole, we are still at sea: and unless some German Gelehrter [scholar] will help us to a solution, I see no prospect of settling the miserable little riddle. Positively (as matters go) there ought to have been Theses and Dissertations upon it before now!—

I wish you knew of anybody that could give me a sound opinion about the present practice of Prussian Law; and the real result Fredk had upon it by his strenuous exertions on that behalf.

The little Statistic Book will do me excellent service in its degree: many thanks for it;—n.b. it was an ounce over-weight by post: weigh always!

For genealogy the Conv. Lexn is good enough in details: but the open legible general List of Births and Deaths is oftenest what I want in that matter.

Adieu till “half past 5 for 6, tomorrow.” In haste

T. Carlyle