1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


JWC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG; 22 December 1854; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18541222-JWC-JN-01; CL 29: 222


5 Cheyne Row / Friday [22 December 1854]

Again!—dear Mr Neuberg—Ah yes again!— You weren't flattering yourself—were you?—to have got done with me?— Far from that I assure you!— So now Oh Mr Neuberg! for the love of god, and man—and woman—glance over these pages of M S.1 and tell me; are they publishable? and where? I am sure, tho' an idiot in politics, that I cannot be mistaken in finding this article full of sense—for havn't I heard Mr Carlyle say the same things over and over again?— At all events, sense or nonsense, it is sent to me—with a touching faith in my goodnature (my goodnature!!)—to be “got into a conservative newspaper”—or printed in some shape or other— In fact there never was an intensely silent man seized with such a phrenzy to get a hearing! I dont believe it to be out of the vanity of having great things to say—(If I thought that was it I would light my pipe with his articles!) but he reminds me of poor little Felix in in Wilhelm Meister—with his “Mamma Theresa I TOO AM HERE”!2—and a grown man, with the peculiarly shy and proud character of that one, feeling himself so overlooked and buried alive amongst uncongenial people and things, that he is fain to call aloud to the English Public “Mamma Theresa I too am here”—that makes me very pitiful— and I would take any trouble and give—you(!) any trouble, to get Mamma Theresa to listen, and give him an approving smile.

The M S is very legible or I would have copied it to save your time—and, I think, it is quite intelligible as to English—except the first sentence which I stand amazed before as in presence of the Sphynx!3

I cannot conceive any newspaper inserting it, for my share. Do you think Chapman could do anything with it? or Fraser that is to say Parker?4

If you come on Sunday night you will tell me your opinion— But that is Xmas Eve—and perhaps you have some festivities in the wind for Xmas Eve—If you dont come soon will you write?—

I am still so weak! and dull! And my Electra5 off to Manchester!— A—c—h!

Yours affectionately /

Jane W Carlyle