1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


JWC TO JAMES CARLYLE; 24 April 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550424-JWC-JC-01; CL 29: 296-297


5 Cheyne Row / Tuesday [24 April 1855]

My dear Jamie

I sent you by Dr Carlyle two photographs, one of your distinguished Brother in his beard, and one of my less distinguished self, without beard, or other unusual ornament. If you find pleasure in them I shall be glad. They were put up in such a hurry just when Dr Carlyle was going away that I had not time to write with them, nor even to address them to you, So in case of oblivions or mistakes, I write now to tell you to ask the Dr for your treauser such as it is and to take it with my kind love—

I am glad to hear that Isabella is better of late—with the boys and the harvest in prospect, she will need all possible health—

We have rain here “every day and all” and “Christ” does not “receive our Saul1 I had the most charming tea party on Sunday gone a week— Two of the nieces of Mr Yourstone of Hoddam!2 as old as the hills and dressed in clothes that might have been part of a stage-wardrobe in the time of Ben Johnson!3—and minds in such a state of trustful innocence that they actually took for gospel every word that Mr Carlyle said!! There was another widow with them whom I saw last as a tall dashing Elizabeth Ewart of Edinr4—now as broad as long, and blind of one eye poor soul! Yes! “forty years does mak a great odds on a girl”! I have nothing to write with but an impossible steel pen—so read if you can. love to Isabella—a kiss to the wee lassie5 and another to yourself

Yours ever affectionately