1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO W. BEAMONT; 24 May 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550524-TC-WB-01; CL 29: 318-319


5. Cheyne Row, Chelsea / 24 May, 1855—

Dear Sir,

Some years ago you were so good as favour me with the Copy of a Cromwell Letter which you possess; which probably you have seen in the printed state since then.1

Last night a friend, who is much a student of Cromwell and his affairs, sends me the inclosed little “Report” upon an error he discovers in your Letter;—“horse” where “foot” should be, and vice versa. There is no doubt about the error, a palpable mistake: but the question now remains Did Cromwell, in the hurry of writing, fall into that slip of the pen, or was it his Copyist whom I had to follow?

If you will have the goodness to read that little “Report” here inclosed, it will put you completely in possession of the matter; and then if you would be so kind as look Whether your Ms. of the Letter corresponds with what I have printed,—and also whether your Ms is certainly an original, or is perhaps itself some kind of copy? Your answer will enable me at once to put this very small matter on its true footing,—a thing worth doing in regard to ANY MATTER one has charge of, especially to a matter where Oliver Cromwell is concerned

Please to return me the little Enclosure sent herewith, when you favour me with a word of answer.

With many apologies for this trouble I remain

Yours sincerely /

T. Carlyle

W. Beaumont Esq