1854-June 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 29


TC TO LEIGH HUNT; 29 June 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550629-TC-JHLH-01; CL 29: 344


Chelsea, 29 june 1855

Dear Hunt,

I remember your once mentioning to me, many years ago, the pleasant little fact “that Voltaire lodged in Maiden Lane,” while in England, about 1724–28.1— If you chance to remember, or conveniently discover, in which Book you read this, I will ask you to tell me Chapter and verse. Also whether you know anything about an “Edward Fawkener” (had been a Turkey Merchant, it would seem), from whose house at “Wandsworth” several of Voltaire's Letters are dated in that period? Is he the same who became Sir Edwd Fr, and Duke of Cumberland's secretary, do you guess?2 Not otherwise an important person.— Bolingbroke's house was in the Battersea region, I have understood, but never knew exactly where:3 allusions are made to it in some of Voltaire's Letters, but there is nothing dated from it, that has become conspicuous to the readers of Voltaire. Indeed “Darkness visible”4 is mainly the attendant of said readers, during that English period;—and one would, on any subject, rather have light, if it be attainable!

Pray do not mind this question, if it is like to give you trouble. To me it is far from important, really not worth any trouble from you, to speak of;—and perhaps is asked as much with the view of bringing an old questioner to your memory, as with any other!

Yours ever Truly /

T. Carlyle