1824- 1825

The Collected Letters, Volume 3


TC TO GEORGE BOYD; 21 January 1824; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18240121-TC-GBO-01; CL 3:18-19.


Kinnaird House 21st Jany 1824.

Dear Sir,

Having an opportunity of free conveyance (which I expected to occur earlier) I now send you all the MS. of Meister that is ready except a few sheets. These I have retained to enable you to judge better of the extent of the whole: you have here precisely one third part of the book, so that you can easily calculate its size and make arrangements accordingly. I hope you will exert all your sagacity, for it would be a sorry thing to see the poor book come out in a form unworthy of it. If you have any proof-sheet to send me, I shall be here till the tenth of February; for the people have altered their arrangements and begged me to alter mine in such a way that I could not refuse. After that date, however, I am positively and entirely at your service.

As to the proof-sheets of Paul1 there is nothing to hinder you from sending them to me, regularly by the post. Fold them as a letter, and mark “single proof-sheet” on the back. The Edition of Paul can scarcely fail to succeed: if it do, the fault will lie elsewhere than on the translation; I have little hesitation in calling it, by far the best yet before the public.

On the tenth I see you, when all these matters may be discussed far more at leisure. In the mean time (in extreme haste) I remain,

Dear Sir, / faithfully Your's /

Th: Carlyle

I had forgot to mention that Mr Buller wants no more Numbers of Blackwoods Magazine: if you must send the next, send it; but no more.

If you have several proofsheets to send at a time, they might come by some of the carriers; of whom one or two communicate with this place and Edinr weekly—

Above all things I feel anxious to have Meister printed before the end of March—