1824- 1825

The Collected Letters, Volume 3


TC TO JANE BAILLIE WELSH; 8 February 1824; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18240208-TC-JBW-01; CL 3:28-29.


1. Moray-street, / Pattison's Lodgings, Sunday [8 February 1824]

My dearest, I arrived here yesterday; and need not tell you how anxious I am to see you or at least know how you are. If you can see me, say when, and I will come. Five minutes spent beside you is worth something under all embarrassments. If you cannot see me, it will be very hard; but never mind: Let me hear minutely how you are: we can still write. I am free of the Bullers for three months: I join them next in London;—with you? I must be dreadfully busy with Meister: Schiller nearly killed me; but it is done.— How does this place agree with you? Are you quite recovered? God forever bless you!

I am yours always and wholly, /

Thomas Carlyle—

Your letter would come sooner if sent under cover to my Brother in 35 Bristo-Street. Here, by the post, it will hardly reach me till tuesday. But any way I shall be content. You can take the Jungfrau1 with you to Haddington. Good night! I think of you, tho' I cannot see you; being rather lackadaisiacally inclined at present—but ever Jane's.

T. C.