1824- 1825

The Collected Letters, Volume 3


TC TO JANE BAILLIE WELSH; 7 April 1825; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18250407-TC-JBW-01; CL 3:312.


[ca. 7 April 1825]

Dearest—I am obliged to go without seeing you (thanks to that villainous headache!); and I meant to say fifty things to you before going. Among others I had various tasks to give you. First to devise the greatest possible quantity of employments for me against my return. Second to finish that purse, and begin the Watch-pocket; third to read in Moliere, his Life; and one of his plays daily; the best I recollect are Les Precieuses Ridicules, L'Avare, George Dandin, Le Malade imaginaire, Le Festin de St Pierre1—which ought to serve you in the mean time. Fourth and last which is the most important of all, to think of me every hour till [I re]turn. I will be there on Tues[day]2 night if possible, if not, I will se[nd] you word when to expect me.

Adieu Meine Herzensliebste [my heart's dearest love]! I hope to find you better, and as [found?] as ever. God bless you!

Dein auf ewig [Yours forever] /

T. Carlyle