1824- 1825

The Collected Letters, Volume 3


JBW TO THOMAS CARLYLE; 21 September 1825; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18250921-JBW-TC-01; CL 3:381.


[Dumfries, 21 September 1825]

Here am [I] writing again in a bookseller's shop. I have been thro all the milliners in Dumfries in search of a decent looking cap to send to your kindhearted Mother by way of pattern but there is nothing forthcoming that she would consent to wear—even for my sake. N'importe! I will make her one with my own fingers, in the course of the winter which shall create a new epoch in the history of needlework. In the meantime that I may not have my walk entirely for nothing I have gotten a neck-kerchief for you. You will be forced to think of me every time you put it on— I wish the hour of Mr Notman's1 departure allowed me time to hem it. Jane however, I dare say can do it as well— God bless you again my own darling— Your own—

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