July-December 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 30


TC TO DAVID HAIG ; 7 August 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550807-TC-DHA-01; CL 30: 19


5. Cheyne Row, Chelsea / 7 Augt, 1855—


I am very much obliged to Mr Erskine and to you; and the Book shall be well taken care of. But I perceive there must be some mistake in Mr Erskine's order: he and I had heard of a certain alledged “Mitchell's Life of Sir Andrew Mitchell” (which I now guess to be a mere blunder, and to have no existence): it was this that I wished to look at, and that Mr Erskine doubtless aimed to get for me. The “Bisset's Life and Papers of Sir Aw Mitchell” (London, 1850, 2 voll.)1 I have got here, and know as well as is needful.

At lowest there is no ill done. If your Book prove (as I think it will) to be this Bisset, I have directed Mr Chapman to return it by the first fit opportunity, and to give you notice by post of its arrival in Edinr.— I myself am leaving Town tomorrow for a week or two; and would not have any delay in the settlement of this matter.

My conclusion is that the other Book is a mere phantasm, or fallacious shadow of an object that does not anywhere exist,—and which at least need not give us any more trouble than we have now had with it. I will write to Mr Erskine by and by, explaining. I remain (with thanks for your kind punctuality, and with pleasant remembrance of a gentleman of your name in old years),2

Sincerely Yours /

T. Carlyle

Mr D. Haig

Advocates Library Edinr