July-December 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 30


JWC TO THOMAS CARLYLE ; 12 September 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18550912-JWC-TC-01; CL 30: 64-65


Wednesday [12 Sept. 1855]

Such a row of bells as we got near London! “Does thou know why the bells are ringing?” asked a quaker beside me at a working man opposite. “Well then, I suppose something is up; they were saying at the station Sevastapole was took and the Russians all run away”!1 Presently I had the pleasure of reading on a placard

“Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!

Glorious news!

Sevastapool in possession of the allies!”

Dont they wish they may keep it! I walked home; by Lincoln's Inn, and got Brownings address from Forster, who opened the door himself, and screamed at sight of me almost as loud as I screamed at sight of him I had expected only Henry2—Forster was just five minutes returned—had come to town to receive Macready for a day or two3— He declared “by Jove, he would beat you up some day, and get you to dine with him at some tavern, somewhere.”

Brownings' address. / 13 Dorset Street / Baker Street. The quickest and most certain way of arranging a meeting will be for me to go and see him, and send you the result in a postscript to this note—

Nero was awoke out of a sound sleep by my rap, and came to the door yawning and stretching himself, and did not give even one bark; just looked as much as to say “Oh you are there again are you? Well, I was doing quite nicely with Ann”— So there was not even “a dog glad at my coming”!

I have been putting the roof on your bed—and housemaiding vigourously all morning. The evening I am to spend at the Pepolis4

Mrs Wedgwood answers my note to Charles Darwin.5— She and, I dont know who else but enough to make “we,” are to be in town for today and tomorrow, and will “try to see me”— But Mrs Wedgwoods ‘try’ is far from being like Macready's synonymous with ‘do.’ I hope your pigeons proved a good go.— and that you slept till breakfast time this morning—I slept pretty well but dreamt horrors

I asked Ann yesterday did Mr Piper leave any news this morning— “Well—no Mam—nothing I think—only that, that place—that Sebastopool was taken—”—


Dorset Street

Mr Browning engaged on Saturd[ay] will come Mrs B thinks to tea on Sunday—will send word to you at Addiscombe if he cant