July-December 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 30


TC TO JOSEPH NEUBERG ; 18 October 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18551018-TC-JN-01; CL 30: 83-84


Chelsea, 18 octr, 1855—

Dear Neuberg,—I am again upon my Days of the Week, in which your helping hand wd be useful. The Table you made me is stuck up against the wall, with inferential Appendages (perfectly correct I find); but it always needs a new calculation when I wish to shift to another year,—and that is painfully dangerous!

In that inclosed Paper is a list of Newyearsdays: if you could write it fair, confirm it out of old Magazines at the Museum (and give withal me the 29 februaries, what day of the week they are, for the leap-years), it would be very useful. If, while our English “Old Style” continues (namely till 1752, I forget in what month) you could translate (and confirm) into New Style as well (putting N.S. first), it wd be better for Prussian purposes.1— — Paper may be as broad as you like, but not very much longer than this,—for convenience of posting, in its right place, on the wall here.

I wish also you wd look out Bielefeld for me (while you are at the Museum), and examine in Vol. II p. 44 &c, where lively account is given of a bombardment of Neisse,2 Which bombardt it is?—namely—get me the date accurately out of Bielfeld (or as accurately as he gives it): we shall thus work the truth out of him. Further more to bring me his Ticket3 here,—ready for signing when I want to go & see him, as I must do.

Stenzel quotes one Orlich4 (on the Silesian (chiefly?) Wars of Fk); also Wiarda (running to many volumes);5 also Haymann,6 and a big Book of Adelungs,7—witht giving the least acct of what these “Orlich” &c are or were. If you can catch any glimpse of them in the Museum Catalogues (as I rather doubt), pray try.

In haste / Yours till Sunday Evg

T. Carlyle