July-December 1855

The Collected Letters, Volume 30


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 27 November 1855; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18551127-TC-JAC-01; CL 30: 121-122


Chelsea, 27 Novr, 1855

Dear Brother,

I would at once send you Lewes's Goethe, tho' I know not whether so much weight (probably 4lb or so) were worth carrying so far: but Tait has it on loan (bespoken long since, not got from Miss Wynne &c till the other day); so that we must wait till his turn is past.

The Book is decidedly good as such Books go, but by no means very interesting, if you have a strict taste in Books.

Sir Colin Campbell was, or still is, here; home from the Crimea in deep discontent with the course of things there;1 A. Sterling was to make an auction of their Camp furnitures, and follow “in ten days.” Meanwhile the Queen's Majesty and others have persuaded Campbell to go back:2 Sterling, just when the auction is over, will find that he must buy again, and stay where he is. I wish they had both come home: I should then have been pretty nearly free from care about that brutish Turk-War business, and willing to let it go as it liked.

I begin to feel the cold again very sensibly up here,—have two coats on today, by way of defying it;—and am consulting and considering whether to fairly set up a stove here, or fairly remove down to the drawing room till the Sun turn. I am very quiet up here, and have a good workshop with my tools getting more and more brought to hand, if it were not for the cold.

Ruskin was here the other night; a bottle of beautiful Soda-water,—something like Rait3 of old times, only with an intellect of tenfold vivacity. He is very pleasant company now and then. A singular element,—very curious to look upon,—in the present puddle of the intellectual artistic so-called “world” in these parts at this date.— His wife, I hear, with her new Husband, is or was at Wm Stirling's, enjoying the hospitalities of Keir,—more power to them.4 Ruskin is as cheerful as if there had been no marriage invented among mankind.

Give my affectionate regards to Jamie and Isabella: Oh Scotsbrig, Scotsbrig!—

I remain ever, dear Brother / Yours

T. Carlyle

I have written (by this post) to Tom Garthwte: “Send my clothes at once, in packsheet,” or even brown paper! Box is not at all essential.