January-September 1856

The Collected Letters, Volume 31


TC TO BOOKBINDER ; 8 July 1856; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18560708-TC-BBI-01; CL 31: 119-120


Voltaire in 97 volumes.1

Mr Leighton has vol I.— The volumes that are to go in pairs are tied together: vol. 70 is wanting:—I think there will be 73 voll. in this form of binding (23 in pairs, if I count right, and 1 wanting). The Work is complete, all but vol. 70, and one sheet in another volume (vol. 64) which I have marked.

Please to be very particular about the Lettering on the back; the perfect accuracy of that is important. VOLTAIRE (instead of OEUVRES DE VOLTAIRE) will do at the top;—and in general the Lettering you find on the Covers will be your guide; except “Livraison [installment]” at the bottom, which always omit. Be careful of the accents,THÉATRE,” not “Theatre” &c. Also, if you put a big arithmetical numeral to designate the general VOLUME (for instance, “95”), as is done on those Covers,—then perhaps a small Roman Numeral (also as on the Covers) would be best for designating what vol. of the particular Department it is? But, of course, an arithmetical numeral would be easier here too; and perhaps you could take it of such shape and size as wd be sufficiently discriminative? For example: “95” / “Correspondance 28”? I want only distinctness and exactitude.— Be so good, however, as put, on the Correspondance, the years as I have marked them with the pen.— On Dictionnaire Philosophique too (8 voll. 51-59), it wd be useful to put on the back what Letter is inside: that is easy to do (tho' I cannot get at the volumes, piled where they are); but indeed it is not of very much moment, tho' desirable if doable easily.

Lastly be sparing of the margins, so far as you rightly can: if vol 70 can be recovered in Paris, the Book will be worth a superior form of rebinding. For the present, our one object is Utility,—Volumes that will stand handling, and easily shew their Contents.

T. Carlyle

5. Cheyne Row, Chelsea

8 july 1856

On the Correspondance, (back of each volume) put the years,—as I have done with the pen (or look you in the inside to verify what I have marked)—