January-September 1856

The Collected Letters, Volume 31


TC TO BOOKBINDER ; 14 July 1856; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18560714-TC-BBI-01; CL 31: 120


Chelsea, 14 july, 184[5]6

Dear Sir,

Will you, on your own judgement, slit asunder such of those Voltaire Pairs as appear to require it. Several struck me myself as too thick, and I had the scissors at the back, of some; but I was too tired to meddle with the imbroglio again, and so let it stand as it was.

On the other hand I think you will still find 4 or 5 Pairs (more or less) that will do better so than otherwise: I know I have handled Voltaire volumes unpleasantly thin:—it was not precisely of that Edition, but of an analogous one, which I thought might have been similar in that particular. There is one volume left single there, which is palpably too thin: but, being the first of a class or “department,” it could only be joined to its right-hand neighbor,1 and said neighbour, already thick, could not stand it. On the whole, give a steady look at them, you, and do what will be for the comfort of the Book and its Reader, witht respect to the sixpence. Index must be in one vol. What you say about the price is not to be contradicted.

Let me recommend only: Correctness, Strength, Speed!—

I have got the additl volume of Oeuvres de Frédéric; and will surrender it, if you send; but wd rather read first: wait therefore till you actually do begin,—say a week hence? You can have it tomorrow on those terms. Yours truly

T. Carlyle