January-September 1856

The Collected Letters, Volume 31


JWC TO MARY CRAIK ; 19 July 1856; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18560719-JWC-MC-01; CL 31: 125-126


5 Cheyne Row / Saturday [19 July 1856]

My dear Mary

Mr C bids me say, that “if it be allowable for a man to assert a negative; he is quite sure it was never to him, your Father lent that book.”1 He has “heard of the book since ever he heard of anything” (marbles and sugarplums even?) “but he never, to the best of his knowledge, saw it with his bodily eyes—much less borrowed it”!

There!—your Father2 may make what he can out of that.

My bonnet came home only yesterday—too beautiful for anything! You have much to answer for! and when my “relations in the Country” say “what a fool you must be, to come here with a bonnet only fit for being kept under a glass case”; I shall answer “it was Miss Mary Craik who beguiled me out of my natural good sense!”

I am glad you were not wearied out with my shopping and all the rest of it! glad that you seem to care for me Dear! If I meet your Father by appointment in Scotland I shall tell him that I find you a dear good little girl, and that he ought to be thankful to god, as no doubt he is, for having given him two such daughters.3

Yours affectionately /

Jane Carlyle

Please give my kind remembrance to Mrs Hooper.4