October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO VERNON LUSHINGTON ; 17 January 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570117-TC-VL-01; CL 32: 75-76


Chelsea, 17 jany, 1857—

Dear Sir,

Here is the Fethard Letter;1 my poor German went to the Library for it,—and made what a job you may see; bringing the Postscript, and leaving the Body! However, I had bidden him bring the Book2 itself; so it was easily righted.

This Letter wd have better than perhaps any other merited to go into the Text, had we not forsworn that method.3 Whh is a determination we will not revoke.

I think, by intense looking (at a Map of Ireland among other things) it wd be found to refer to some surprisal of a Town, no, p. 293, '4 probably Mallow,4—“Mallow pasest”5 pointing clearly that way. I have given you all the indications I had; and (enjoining only brevity) will leave it to your beneficence.

One thing more. I think you had better hang the thing (the Footnote for it, that is) upon the Story of Fethard itself (pp. 295 vol II),—perhaps to the words “force them*6 (p. 296, l. 4) (with* ‘See Appx No—Letter of—to Col Phayr Govr of Cork,7 abt sending men to help in these operations,’—or the like) But all that I leave to your own good head,—and must not spend another word on the subject. Volume to Robson,8 please, so soon as you are satisfied with it: I wish no more acquaintance in that quarter.

A Fh Revn is waiting for you, if I had time to look after it. Do not buy at least, in the interim!

Yours in very great haste

T. Carlyle