October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO JEAN CARLYLE AITKEN ; 13 February 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570213-TC-JCA-01; CL 32: 89-90


Chelsea, 13 feby, 1857—

Dear Jean,

Next time you write, be so good as send me James of Glasgow's Address; I have got a little Book, which will go for twopence, and may be of some slight use to him,—a German kind of piece.1

I am sorry I can do nothing for Dr Adam.2 No paper that I can recollect, disjoined or disjoinable at once; and every minute is so taken up, I have neither time nor heart to go in search.

Jane has got more cold, poor soul; she is again very weak, but perhaps again in the way of recovery,3—“sleeps a little” again, which is better than not at all; &c &c! She has had a sore imprisoned winter of it; but bears everything with much simplicity and quietness; and, I really think, has not been the unhappier for her sufferings, perhaps even otherwise.— I myself seem to feel a little better, since the Sun got visible again; there is a Spring-aspect traceable in fields and sky, which it does me good to see. My little Horse, still more, seems delighted with the dry roads and improved outlooks; willing to canter mile on mile if I would permit:—really a great help to me, this poor honest quadruped.

My “spiritual galloway,”4 “weak as a teewheet,” and given to whistling thro’ his nose, as he breathes, in the cold weather,—him I have banished to the Museum, to his own House, anywhither: I could not do with him here. He is useful, too, or will be, in his kind;—and I could not well do witht some kind of servant in the prest state of matters.

Jack went away Saturday last; was to visit his Mr Hostage in Cheshire;5 and ought to be arriving at Scotsbrig about now. He got handsomely rid altogether of the “Ship Phoebe” and all shipping matters whatsoever:6 which I heartily agreed with him in reckoning a very lucky thing. He was often here; after the first brunt of business got done: seemed well; more good to be got of him than usual.

Adieu, dear Sister.— My kind regards to James & every one.

Your affectionate /

T. Carlyle