October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO MR. WARREN ; 10 March 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570310-TC-MRW-01; CL 32: 101


To Mr Warren (Mssr. Chapman & Hall) / 193. Piccadilly.

1o To give the Bearer another Copy of this vol i of Fh Rn instead of the one now sent.

2o To add to this one, vol ii & the vol i of Cromwell; make a Parcel of them (rather firm), and address: “Charles Butler Esq / 12. Wall Street / New York,” with, “London 11 March / T. Carlyle” on the corner;1—then to cover this Parcel, and address, “Wm Cripps2 “Esq (&c as you find in that adjoined Note) “Nottingham”; pay and despatch immediately by post.— Read the Note / [t.o.]3 / and you will understand.

4o4 To send all the following volumes, as they come out, addressed &c (in two covers) in the same way. If you have any gratis conveyance to Nottingham, were it even irregular, of course prefer that. But if not, the post.— I depend on your perfect punctuality and will say no more.

T. Carlyle

Chelsea, 10 March 18575

By Mr Martin (my Amanuensis) tomorrow morning.