October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO [THOMAS WATTS] ; 8 April 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570408-TC-TW-01; CL 32: 122-123


Chelsea, 8 April, 1857—

Dear Sir,

If you ever want Copyists at the Museum, I think the Bearer of this, Mr Martin, whose qualifications are practically known to me by five months experience, would be very likely to suit beyond common.

He writes an excellent legible hand, German or English; has some academic culture, considerable sharpness of perception; knows German (which is his native language) in every minutest particular; French also to a high degree of exactitude, by long residence in that country; of his English, whh he writes fully as well as he speaks, you can yourself judge.

He has served me five months; and I can bear witness to his very great diligence, punctuality, and general desire to be useful.

If you could direct him in any way how to set about getting into some subaltern employment among the numerous people whom I suppose to be working at the Catalogue, or otherwise doing Copyist work, you would not only much oblige me (which you are ever ready to do), but I am persuaded you would do a service both to the work on hand and to a meritorious man who is at present out of work. Any advice you could give him would be highly welcome in his present position.


I got your Hungarian Paper,1 and read it with pleasure: Many thanks.

Could you discover for me, some time, who it was that wrote that extremely stupid History of the Duke of Cumberland,2 near a Hundred years ago, of which I have got a Copy (not quite at hand at this moment)? Doubtless you know the Book.

Believe me yours ever truly

T. Carlyle