October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO MR. ROBSON ; 11 July 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570711-TC-CRO-01; CL 32: 177-178


To Mr Robson. (Memorandissimum [to be remembered at all costs]!)

It will never do to undertake the Printing of Frh on weaker terms than the usual! Far the contrary, I assure you, is only fair-play. Probably you never had, certainly I never, an occasion in whh the difference between a Master in the Art of Printing and a Non-Master was like to be so momentous to the poor Book and Author!—

If you absolutely cannot take the reading in hand, but another must do it, I shall reckon it a great misfortune to me. Not to be undergone, except there be absolutely no help. But as to the ‘deficiency of type,’ that is clearly a remediable evil;—and I will beg that it at least be instantly remedied! Good type is about worth its price, however much of it you have. It will really and truly be a great evil to me if I cannot see the whole one of these Book1 (169 pages, it appears) truly in type at the same time. I cannot by any method get them recopied, witht blunders that will make them worse; and I have no way of fairly seeing the Piece (to cut it into portions, title it, constrain it into some lucidity, the best attainable) except in slips all together. Now attend to this;—and if you cd (for my present reader, tho' a sensible man, is evidently fitter for another kind of Book), I shd still hope for a successful issue. Not a disastrous and disgraceful one, as seems otherwise too possible in so waste an Enterprise!—

Yours truly

T. Carlyle

Chelsea, 11 july, 1857—