October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO JANE WELSH CARLYLE ; 15 July 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570715-TC-JWC-01; CL 32: 186-188


Chelsea, 16 [15] july, 1857—

Thanks, thanks: the Letter today, with the flowers in it all fresh, was very pretty; came at 2,—the former one came also, but not till six. The[re]1 seems to be no regularity in Rowland Hill,2 only very great despatch.

I am delighted to hear you are so well situated, and getting on so beautifully. It was worth while to stand that horror of a railway for the sake of getting to such a Goshen.3 Make the most of it; stay to the utmost limits of the coming woman;4—and lay in a little stock of new strength. Sure enough you have need of it.

Our weather here is rising towards the intolerable in point of heat. Hotter today than ever, and next to no breath of wind going. I have quite left the House; breakfasted under my awning again, wrote till after 1 p.m. there,—

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Thomas Carlyle working by the water barrel, 5 Cheyne Row, by Robert Scott Tait, 15 July 1857

Courtesy of Edinburgh University Library


then escaped to the Water-butt quarter, and bareheaded &c here still am.5 A sorry day; nothing but beggarly Printers' Proofs,—and still only the old ‘four sheets' (sorrow on them!);—they have taken me up all morning, nearly altogether with printer questions too, and I was in a way of getting something written, had they let me alone. Patience, patience!— Tait has been steaming about all day with his photographing (very malodorous) apparatus; and has bothered me five or six times: at length came Darwin (happily), and has just carried [him]6 away. But my day too is gone! Just time for a little walk to Sloane square with this and the proofs;—Horse, owing to the heat, is put off till six, and dinner is at five today.

Nero watched me several mornings with great intensity as I bathed: one morning I ducked the creature himself in, and then two other mornings, finding it much quieted the hide of the vermin: so now it has become an institution of the country, & Anne is to do it. I walked two hours last night: “strength” is very important to me.

Thackeray is candidate for Oxford: Thy versus Cardwell! It seems to be extremely foolish; but perhaps is not more so than the rest. Cardwell, at any rate, I suppose, will prevail.7 Darwin was the old Darwin, pretty much, or altogether: “Wedgwoods have had to leave their Daughter8 in Switzerland (couldn't stand travelling)” &c &c

God bless thee Dearest! I must off in haste

T. Carlyle