October 1856-July 1857

The Collected Letters, Volume 32


TC TO JANE WELSH CARLYLE ; 20 July 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570720-TC-JWC-01; CL 32: 190-192


Chelsea, Monday 20 july, 1857—

Nothing today;—whh is in some sort a disappointt to me. However, I still hope it may be Rowland Hill's delay: we shall see, when I come back from riding. Never mind, if you are well, whether or not.

All is well here: canary singing loud at this moment,—got their greens some hours ago; and Nero is at his bread and water (with one spoonful of oxtail soup for relish); has his swash thro’ water daily, and runs out all the more gladly,—to do gates, and other advantages Yesterday Ld Goderich & Bruce1 attended me in riding: Lady Gh, poor little soul, has got a Daughter,—self and it well.2 Bruce was for taking me to Napier;3 but I would n't. The loneliest night in all Middlesex after; sad enough, but not the saddest. John Fergus had called just before dinner: “Come to Fife for a long while” &c &c. I do think were it not for the distance, for “Miss —,”4 and the other adjuncts, I almost would. But the “Miss (Blank still)” with her bad beds,5 bad butter, bad sense,—ach Gott, I am far better here, hot tho' it be.

“Polyblank & Co” are doing a series of illustrious men,6 Eminence Cardinal Wiseman7 is the figure of this month. At first starting of the Enterprise, I wrote back to Polyk & Co that I wd not be of the series, and that their incomparable artist must not come hither. Poly & Co, “with the same relish,”8 just as if I never had written, write to me the other night, and send Macaulay Photograph as specimen. No reply from me, nor no intentn of any: but Tait having brot a Photograph of the House,9 I enclose that in the Polyblank cover, put a stamp on it and your address (already in the Postoffice it is),—may it come safe to you!— I am still to dress, and within few minutes of 5, after

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5 Cheyne Row, photographs by Robert Scott Tait, 15 July and 25 July 1857

Courtesy of Edinburgh University Library


dining.— — Weather hot, but good; excellt wheat getting cut: Awning and flags (as now,) still serviceable. Adieu Dearest

T. Carlyle

alas there was another bit of news: a dismal black card announcing “Mrs Cocker 19 Charterhse Square” to have “died, 14thJuly” (your birthday), “age 62 years.” That is Mrs Newton's Mother,10 Anne tells me. Piper on Saty night raised some questn abt sending “that Letter with a card of some kind”: I opened the Letter, and it was that, and that only.

Fuz's is off. Item Duchess d'Aumale's (I shd think)11