August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


TC TO JWC ; 3 September 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18570903-TC-JWC-01; CL 33: 66-67


Chelsea, Thursday 3 Septr / 1857

Dearest, Letter is here today at the right hour; waiting when I come down at 3; fine little Letter: but alas, is there a vestige of possibility to get this Answer sent at the hour it has now grown! Yes,—I see there is; ride with it to Sloane Square (20 min to 5 just now; and this is Lady Sandh's dining day. Read her little Note, if I “felon on the treadwheel”1 can find it to stick in!

There has fallen such a wagonload of proof-confusions upon me,2 as you never saw or heard of. The second day this, and there will be a third;—but I am getting them under my thumb mostly, and am gladdish today.— We have torrents of rain too; I have seen or spoken to nobody for several days but the Chaotic devils3 only. Very well nevertheless; really never mind me:, tho' if you were in the harness beside me again I believe it surely wd be better; and surely still more I shd be glad.

But I am troubled really about you[r]4 Express-Train work. That looks very ill to me that York speculation;—little sleep to be expected there (I doubt) after such fiking and fiddling before you ever start. And Liverpool is out, it seems. That really is the best line, however, for you; at least my imaginn cleaves to that.

Cannot you take Manchester? The distance, train &c is just abt the same. Is there nobody there you cd sleep with? Are not your Aunts there, or going. “Art-treasures” you need not look within miles of; but the Aunts at their inn wd help you to sleep.5 Or is there nobody other? Poor soul,—I am wae to think of it:—I know it well myself, tho' a so-called stronger vessel.6— Lady Stanley is within 16 miles of Manchr;7 so far on the road: but I suppose you shriek at the idea? She wd be kind enough, that is certain; but she is of a roughish genus, and knows little about nerves in any kind. In fact I am at the end of my shifts; and can only pray. Home soon; you will not rest farther much, now that the question has been stirred.— Such a change of temperature within 2 days I have seldom seen. I have fled into thicker clothes; yesternight riding, it was positively cold: this morng, Anne volunteered a fire. God send thee home soon & safe! T. Carlyle