August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


TC TO HENRY LARKIN ; 18 October 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18571018-TC-HL-01; CL 33: 102-103


Chelsea, 18 octr, 1857—

My dear Sir,

Never mind that little rub in the least!1 Robson and Chapman are “thick on the withers,”2 we may hope; and as for me, I really do not wince at all,—not the least matter to me. It is surely a thousand times better to do the thing well, and to the bottom, when one is at it!— I have only one feeling, that of thankfulness to you (and to Providence for sending me you);—coupled with a perceptible regret, which is not wholly regret either, that you shd have got such a load of work laid on you whh was not your own but mine! However, we cannot help that just yet. The plain truth however is, it wd have taken a round sum of money to pay anybody for what you are now doing; and I believe, and perceive, no amount of money (with me to lay it out, here and now) cd have got it done so, or at all like so. Robson appealed to me, the other day, Whether I did not think those Summaries well done,—as well as any person cd have done them? To whh my answer was decidedly affirmative.— — If you were thro' this particular pinch, matters will go easier: Sartor done (with a little revision); Lr Dy Pamp[h]lets3 do;—and, I think, only one Vol. more4 and the Genl Index to overtake.

It was very well you set the wood-Engraver going.5 No harm in being “too soon,”—one cannot be too soon. I have got the Chapter I was talking of, whh refers to a new little map, quite finished (tho' hardly legible!)—and it is ready: but there is not the least haste; another little map that was to follow (Frh first Campaign 1734, while a lad, in the Rhine Country6) has not got its Chapter yet:—so the Two may wait for one another.— Unless you will volunteer to call some evg, and tell us a little of your news.

Yours ever truly / T. Carlyle