August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


TC TO EDWARD CHAPMAN ; 13 November 1857; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18571113-TC-EC-01; CL 33: 115-116


Chelsea, 13 Novr, 1857

Dear Sir,

I enclose you a Note of the Title;1 the best I have been able to contrive, after many times surveying the difficulties of it in past months. The great thing is to be quite intelligible. I leave it with you in this stage.

I depend upon you altogether for the American negociation; and shall not stir in it myself;—not doubting you will vanquish for me in it, so far as needful.2

With the German affair,3 I am sorry to answer, there seems nothing to be done. The “right of translation” I gave away, long since, to a Mr Neuberg here (who has been extremely useful to me): he ‘sold’ it to the Court-Publishers (Decker at Berlin) for the magnificent sum of nothing at all (such being the Decker view of it); and he has the Translation mostly done,4 I believe,—goes on along with Robson thro' it.

Then as to, Tauchnitz and reprinting the Book in Germany, Tauchnitz wrote to me about that a long time ago; I made Neuberg answer him “£50 a volume,” and correspond with him; Tauchnitz (according to Neuberg's report) professed himself ready or about ready,—“wd employ Wm's & Norgate to make the bargain with me.” Wm's & Norgate seem to have taken up the notion, and given it to him, that they cd have the article for half-price; they have been obliquely trying me on those terms, and have now written formally to you.— The answer, I consider, in these circumstances ought to be: If Herr Tauchnitz does not like the Book at £50 per volume (money down when he gets the sheets), let it remain unprinted,—we are in no hurry abt it!5— The fact is, nothing runs away with the reprinting there, as is the fatal case in America.6 And we can let the Wms & Norgate obliging speculation take the air for a while.

I was sorry indeed to hear from Mr Tait that the Photograph Engravers are somehow out of gear! I think it will be a real loss if we cannot get that Frontispiece to vol 1;7 and in a perfect conditn it must be or not at all:—I declare I shd almost vote for Photographs rather than miss.— Pray exert your best skill; and especially let no time be lost.

I have been examining Portraits of F's Father & Mother (Frontispiece to Vol II, whh would be very useful too, if we cd get them good):8 I have seen some tolerable; and have written to Berlin for a better choice. The faithfullest Engraver you can think of: Holl I did not think first-rate in the old Cromwell case9

Yours always truly / T. Carlyle