August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


TC TO JWC ; 30 March 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580330-TC-JWC-01; CL 33: 199-200


Addiscombe Farm / 30 March 1858—

Tout va bien ici, le sommeil manque [All goes well here, sleep lacking]!1 That is pretty much the account of things. I find the country full of the expected beauty; have managed to get a sufficiently rough ride, and shall get profit of my adventure;—but on the whole I am far out of my latitude, and the want of tools, of adjustments to my new sudden change of scene is very great!— You would not believe me if I described what bother there has been to get a bit of paper to write this Note upon,—not to say that I have forgotten my spectacles, and have no eyes for writing:—but it is a fact that I have had to “do the impossible” as a Frenchman wd describe it, in order to send you this sign of life and safety; other news, or business to write, I had not; and this has been so difficult!—

The House is very cold, tho' great fires are burning in all corners of it, whh must produce a change soon in that respect. It is as well you did not happen to be well enough for coming; not just yet till things mend.

Another thing I forgot is a pair of black trowsers:—in fact, I considered all I could; but there is no hitting the exact bull's-eye in every particular,—just off a pack of Prussian proof-sheets too, and one's nerves in a state of extremity.

I arrived yesterday when dinner was finishing (seems to be about 6 or soon after, at present); in other points I held myself sedulously together and did my steaming & railwaying and walking hither without any damage: the evening too went off well enough;—only I felt I was not to sleep, nor did I.— Lady Sandwich had got out yesterday, and seems brisk and talky; she had just appeared (5 p.m.) for the first time, when I ran up hither (bedroom & no fire in it yet) to do my bit of writing. Lord A. was to have gone riding with me; but drew back when the time came: he is still considerably lame. Rous2 is the only other member. Bear Ellice is said to be coming about friday.— How Goody is; how she is sleeping (poor little soul)? How &c &c?

I expect to be home sometime on Thursday3 (to dinner, if you hear nothing more), probably to return after the Proofs &c. This I vow is all my “news”!—

God bless thee, Dearest T. Carlyle