August 1857-June 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 33


JWC TO CHARLOTTE SOUTHAM ; 8 May 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580508-JWC-CSO-01; CL 33: 219-221


Addiscombe Farm Croydon / Saturday [8 May 1858]

I hope, Charlotte, you are being good and busy!1 It will disappoint me much if either plants or birds or dog have any ill to say of you on my return! or if I see no evidence in the grates &c, that you have been working, (in moderation) tho' I was not there to bid you. Do you know the Proverb; “The Devil is always at the elbow of an idle Body”! Remember that; little Woman! and be sure that of all idle Bodies, it is the idle girl that the Devil makes most haste to, and brings to worst harm!

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Charlotte Southam
From a photograph by H. G. Inskipp, Ipswich

The Strand 49 (1915): 283


We keep to our intention of being home on Monday. I cannot fix the precise hour; but I shall take care to be in time for ordering Mr C's dinner; and you may light the Drawing room fire by ten or so, to have the room well aired. Mrs Gilchrist said she would give me a loaf of bread when we came, that there might be no bother of baking, the first day.

Shakespear2 should be told beforehand, that the usual quantity of milk will be required on Monday, in case, being taken unprepared, he have to fall back on the pump! The best cream that can be got out of Mr Wright's3 cows will find little enough favour with Mr C, after the thick yellow coloured thing called cream of which he takes here, every day, enough to bathe a baby in!

My love to Nero and tell him to look out on Monday—and to be sure and have on a clean shirt!

Yours truly / Jane W. Carlyle