July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JWC ; 31 July 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580731-TC-JWC-01; CL 34: 89-90


The Gill, 31 july, 1858—

Just one word, to bid thee welcome to thy new Lodging, my poor little wearied Jeannie: Oh God grant there may have been some right sleep by the time this greets you! It will be too horrible otherwise. That was such a preparation: nightmare from 5 to 7; packing done in the dead of the night, and the rest of it, on the eve of starting! You are just now (2 p.m.) on the road, as I conjecture;—you will get for your own money a vehicle to drive you the mile and half; and that will be more “dignified” (Mr Arnott) than being sent for, tho' it is not so kind or so considerate to one's poor feelings. For one thing, Dearest, do not repent coming; not tho' you had to come away again on the third day. No: it was a deliberately settled thing; needed to be done, with whatever result!— The one point indisputably favourable is, the steady bright weather that has come; I think you will have it there too; nothing can be brighter than these skies for 2 or 3 days past,—and with an autumnal aspect too; our Summer gone again with its good and evil.— — One thing I do very much regret, that you had not come along with me, been able to come,—and to find Mrs Pringle waiting for you, five good weeks ago! You wd have escaped that unblessed Brighton adventure; alas, you could have been so well there, and I either here or beside you. If you dare at all,—but yet be cautious, be cautious! I shd rejoice to find you have said Yes, on the 6th.

I had the longest ride of all upon my dromedary yesterday: far up shore to near Carlaverock,1 then across the moss-country2 & round by Mousewald3 &c: the Strangers4 had all dined (dinner of their own), and were seated, or lying on the grass, in the bright sunshine, facing my return. John had not been “consulting” &c;5 far from it; merely winnowing his chagrins, to no purpose or less. Departure, northwd, westwd, was at 7½; and I remained alone with the Setting Sun; not in mirthful mood.— God bless thee, my Dear

T. Carlyle

I hope they will bring you Tourgff along with this; sunday morning? (Tell me).6 At all events it will come next day. “Good reading,” as you know.

That “Jane street,” poor little street in the Antipodal regions:7 it will not go out of my head,—a thing I could weep over almost!