July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


JWC TO CHARLOTTE SOUTHAM ; 19 August 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580819-JWC-CSO-01; CL 34: 148


Bay House / Thursday [19 August 1858]

Dear Charlotte

I forgot to say you must put a good fire in my bed-room the day before I come (Sunday); and keep it up all day, taking off the bedclothes that the bed may be well aired. It would be too dreadful if I caught cold the first thing!

Also—be sure you catch Mr Bullock (the Post man)1 and tell him to send no letters here after Saturday and nothing to Mr Carlyle after the present date—

Dr Carlyle (Mr Carlyle's Brother) is in London; it is a wonder if he has not been down to ask after—the House!

Dont neglect to make sure that Mr Larkin got my intimation that I was not to give him tea on Saturday evening— He writes to me today that he is sure Nero has dreadful suspicions as to what has been done with me, and that he (Mr Larkin) has had a hand in it! We must hasten to disabuse the poor dogs mind about one of his truest friends.

The weather is rather broken—we have had more or less rain the last three days—but there has always been two good fair hours for my drive in the open Carriage.

I hope I shant find you grown thin in your solitude

yours truly /

Jane Welsh Carlyle