July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JOHN A. CARLYLE ; 20 August 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580820-TC-JAC-01; CL 34: 149-150


Scotsbrig, 20 Augt, 1858—

Dear Brother,

I am here since yesterday, fine warm grey autumn weather; plenty of thoughts for me,—and plenty of business still. They are at shearing here; do still more decisively at the Gill: but perhaps no body is more pressed, running the Time-race, than my poor self just now.

I found your Letter (on emerging from my second sleep) this morng; tomorrow we will intercept the Post for what else you send. Sorry I hurried you so.— Jane returns to Chelsea Monday next (first); is for quitting Chelsea probably Friday (this day week) for Nithsdale;—under improved omens still; and likely to be well nursed by Mrs Pringle, who “meets her at Carlisle” &c, a very kind hostess. Much to my comfort in way-faring.

I begin to scunner at the long roundabout of Rügen; great expenditure of “railing” truly,—tho' I shd like well to be there too! The Maps (from Larkin) have come this morning; and I find the Task lie all in a ring,—to which that of Rügen is a mere shank; formidable to the weak mind and body!— Before Hamburg, I shall have seen how Foxton proves, and settled all that.

Your surest first point to write to me is, “(Poste Restante) Dresden,”—and write on or before this day week; otherwise wait till you hear again. Settle if you can then,—or at least say (if you have settled), as to our meeting &c, or whether you decide to wait for the Ship in your prest whereabouts.

If you are in Town in Jane's time, go and see her,—she will expect it. But you are to be at Cheltm1 again, perhaps, all that time (Monday Evg—Thursday do)? If so, nothing can be done.

Arthur2 is off himself this morning to meet Dromedary, whh was to be left by Gill people at Jeffrey's3 of Hoddam Moor (7 or 6 a.m.) and be called for by somebody from Scotsbrig in the course of the day. Ar was just crossing the Burn4 (9 a.m.), when I looked out after final rising. He is eager for “the tides5 next week. Jamie junr6 here; and all very quiet & good.

Yours ever /

T. Carlyle