July-December 1858

The Collected Letters, Volume 34


TC TO JWC ; 21 August 1858; DOI: 10.1215/lt-18580821-TC-JWC-01; CL 34: 152-153


Edinr, Queen's Hôtel, Saturday 21 Augt, 1858—

Am here safe; found Foxton waiting,—very talky, scratch'-o-plastery somewhat, but serviceable, assiduous, and good compared with nothing.

Stock,1 &c we (Jamie & I) picked up at Middlebie,2—sent forward from Gill—Isabella will write you to that effect: I thot at that time there wd not be a moment here, but our ship sails later than bargain.

Mrs Twistleton is very good, and must be cordially thanked: but it is certain Chapman has made a bargain with some American artist in the book way,3——a paltry pittance to be given me, about ⅕ more (or less?) than the Germans4 give me for liberty to print in English; and after bother, for five years back, in answering &c, in the American case. Which may the Devil sweep clean away! If the Yankee gentn will simply steal, next time, and not bother me with writing Letters, it wd be the height of my expectation!— — As to “sending back” the Twistleton Letter,—ach Gott, it is impossible! I never saw that part of my precept5 till after arriving here; woe's me;—directly on reading (Twistln), in the railway which, I tore the whole to shreds, and had sent it streaming in the breeze! Upon the whole, there was little, or nothing lost; in the bargain no thing, in the Note little,—and perhaps you can find the address at Twistln House,6 if you like to ask.

Stock fits to a t, and is a beauty of stocks, with its silver buckle, & dextrous new face to an old friend. I design to wear it at Hamburg (if I were once there), or wherever I first shew myself in my next clean shirt.

Oh my dear, my dear, what stuff is all this,—not so good as Nothing in the mood one's poor nerves are in. God keep thee ever my Dearest; adieu, adieu.

T. Carlyle